Weight loss and the diet box – is it worth trying?

The premise of the box diet is the way meals are provided – in convenient containers that can be brought along to work. It definitely helps eat healthy and regularly, but does it help lose weight?

Calories in a box container

At the early stage of development of the diet catering, most customers did use container diets mainly to lose weight.

Today it’s a solution for those with different nutritional needs. It is mostly chosen, however, by those who are too overworked to plan ahead and prepare meals at home.
It’s a good interim solution for vegans, vegetarians, active people, those who want to gain weight, lactose or gluten intolerant people. But can one lose weight while on a container diet and is it an optimal way to reduce body weight?

We can indeed lose weight while on a container diet, as long as we properly pick its caloric value and consult it with a dietitian beforehand. Good catering companies cooperate with dietitians who can adapt the menu to the clients’ needs.
That way, when we utilize the container diet, we don’t have to worry that we will miscalculate the caloric balance of our meals, or that we will eat something that currently shouldn’t be on our plate. That’s an unquestionable advantage of such approach.

The container diet will not only provide us with all the necessary micro-nutrients and safe products, but will also allow us to save time.
To some people, it will even make dieting possible in the first place – plenty of overworked individuals can’t find extra two or three hours during the day to go shopping, count calories and cook healthy.

The pitfalls of the box diet

Food provided in containers can be nutritious, healthy and dietetic, but it can’t replace conscious approach to nutrition.
Therefore, while one can lose weight on the container diet, it is just as likely to regain it after the diet ends. A ready-made diet won’t teach you how to prepare meals, replace ingredients or how to make healthy food. And that’s the basis of healthy eating habits, after all.

The exception is a container diet prepared by a dietitian as meals that we prepare on our own and put in containers.

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