Diagnosis on the smartphone. Will artificial intelligence deprive doctors of their jobs?

For years, man has been deploring the fact that machines are taking over new areas of life, depriving him of jobs. This process will continue. Perhaps it will also reach the doctors who will no longer be needed. They will be replaced by intelligent algorithms that can better assess what is wrong with us.

Computer versus family doctor
We don’t know exactly what the expansion of artificial intelligence may lead to in, let’s say, 30 years from now. What we do know, however, is that constantly developing technology is entering the area of biology and natural sciences further and further. Already today we can imagine a situation in which we diagnose our ailment using a mobile phone and biometric sensors. We don’t have to go to the clinic, stand in line, wait for the first free time or for the return of the doctor from leave. We don’t even have to leave the house. But will the diagnosis made by artificial intelligence be more accurate than the one made by a man of flesh and blood who will look down our throats and listen to our heart beats?

The network has the advantage

Given that artificial intelligence creates a kind of network, this type of diagnosis will be based on the cooperation of many computers and programs.
Let’s imagine that this network will be constantly updated and no new knowledge or the emergence of an important drug on the market will pass by (unlike an ordinary doctor).

The patient will not have to walk with a referral from a specialist to a specialist, looking for an answer – all the information will be given after a Few clicks.

Opportunity for patients, danger for doctors?

Medical care supported or replaced by artificial intelligence will allow for cheaper and faster treatment. Extensive health knowledge will be available to everyone – not just the richest.

What about doctors? There will certainly be fewer of them, but they will continue to be useful, working in research and development centres, constantly improving Treatment methods and Medicines.