A short overview of diets – popular diets for losing weight

Weight-loss diets have always been a controversial topic. After all, we always keep looking for one that will let us enjoy a beautiful body and health, without having to deprive or starve ourselves. The most popular ones are among ready-made, universal diets. Some of them are even valued by professionals.

Every season a new diet grows in popularity, but the diet programs below have been known for a long time already and have large groups of followers. The experts’ opinions on most of them tend to vary, some of them are pretty controversial actually!

Ketogenic diet

It is especially popular among athletes and active people, who don’t want to feel deprived of energy while on a weight-loss diet. The main source of it in this program is fat.
Carbohydrates only make up 10% of a daily menu, which is why this diet is also referred to as low-carb. Utilizing it might lead to multiple side effects and it’s better not to jump into it without consulting it with a dietitian or a coach.

Mediterranean diet

It is considered to be the healthiest diet in the world. By default it isn’t classified as a weight-loss diet, but getting on it helps battle obesity, excess weight and diabetes.
It mostly consists of fruits and veggies, valuable vegetable fats and proteins, fish and seafood, it assumes consuming meat of high quality.

Dukan diet

It’s still pretty popular among many people, despite being deemed one of the most harmful ones, partially due to the potential burden on kidneys and low diversity.
It could also be called a protein diet – that’s because it’s mostly based on protein products, without any carbohydrates, and with limited fats and fruits.

South Beach diet

It consists of stages where the first one is based around completely quitting alcohol, coffee, candy or even fruits and fruit juices. It assumes limiting carbohydrates and mostly eating proteins and high-quality fats.

The subsequent stages add carbohydrates, fruits and a broader choice of vegetables. It doesn’t require counting calories, but it’s based on low GI products, lean meat and fish.

Blood type based diet

This diet is founded on the belief that, depending on the blood type, human body may be better or worse at tolerating proteins from different types of food. People with the A blood type are said to benefit from vegetarianism, those with the AB type can eat anything they want, whereas the B type should mean a diverse diet.
For the 0 type the most beneficial diet is one rich in meat. Changing the diet is said to be helpful in dropping excess pounds and fixing the body’s internal balance.

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