How to save on medicaments?

Although you do not save on your health, you can keep quite a lot of money in your pocket thanks to the Right choices. Just spend it wisely.

Drugs are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. Especially if someone chronically suffers from a serious ailment, the treatment of which requires large financial outlays. We do not urge you to repair your Home budget at the expense of your health. We just want to tell you how to spend less without giving up what is necessary.

Buy Cheaper substitutes

A large proportion of commercially available medicines have their Cheaper substitutes. They have identical composition, they work equally effectively, but they are cheaper. Why? The pharmaceutical industry has a 20-year patent protection rule.

According to it, the company that discovers a new drug and patent it, has the exclusive right for two decades.

After this period, patent protection ceases to apply, which generally results in the release of much cheaper preparations with the same composition and effect. Their manufacturers did not have to invest in research into the invention of the drug, so the price is lower.

Less colorful packaging, same medicine

Some medicines are sold in different packages and at different prices, even though it is the same preparation. The more expensive variant usually has nicer packaging and good PR among consumers. Cheaper has less effective packaging and is unlikely to appear in advertisements.

Cheaper specifics come from parallel imports, i. e. from EU-wide wholesalers supplying pharmacies.

If a medicine has a lower price in another country, the wholesalers will sell it cheaper. Hence the price difference. Therefore, before going to a pharmacy, it’s worth first checking whether a given medicine can be sold on more favourable terms for the consumer.

Compare offers

The same medicine may have Different prices in different pharmacies. As a rule, large pharmacy chains sell medicines cheaper because they can negotiate the price when placing a large order at a wholesaler. Small pharmacies order less, so they pay more.

A few exceptions confirm this rule. As you can see, there are at least a few ways to Save money on medicines. The most important is to buy with caution and orient yourself in competitive prices.