Weight-loss diet supplements – which of them really work, and which are to be avoided?

Diet supplements can improve the effectiveness of weight-loss by as much as 5%. If it’s important for us to lose weight faster, we work out and are on a weight-loss diet, sometimes it’s a good idea to incorporate a particular supplement into it. As long as its composition is good and healthy.

The composition of weight-loss diet supplements tends to be diversified, which makes it necessary to take a closer look at its individual elements.
Of course the less of them, the better. Which of them work and which of them are not to be believed, or even should be avoided?

Supplements worth trying:

Capsaicin – an alkaloid that the best source of are chili peppers. If someone doesn’t like this delicacy or doesn’t want to take it every day, they may take a capsaicin preparation that raises body temperature, stimulates metabolism and makes fat burn faster.

Caffeine – it increases metabolism of fatty acids and improves body’s thermogenesis, it applies to caffeine extracts from both regular coffee and the recently popular green coffee. Excessive caffeine concentration can be harmful, though.

Piperine – a substance that occurs naturally in pepper seeds, it makes digestion and breakdown of fat faster.

Bean extract – it doesn’t have an impact on burning fat or on thermogenesis, “only” blocking appetite instead. A similar role is served in supplements by chromium.

Supplements that might be harmful:

Senna extract – it is supposed to regulate the functioning of intestines, which might help feel lighter and defecate regularly. This ingredient has laxative properties, and when taken regularly, it might actually make intestines lazier and cause constipations to be even more difficult. It is better to use fiber in the diet instead (like in form of green barley) or make sure that its content in meals is high.

L-carnitine – it’s one of the most popular substances with supposed weight-loss properties. Its effectiveness, however, is highly disputed and questioned. Because of that, it is better to turn to substances with actual proven effectiveness.

Synephrine – it is a substance that strongly stimulates burning of fatty acids, it might be dangerous though, as it causes heart rate and blood pressure to rise.

Ephedrine – it burns fat intensely, but even a short-term use leads to side effects, like nausea or diarrhea.

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